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In the late 90's I attended Arizona State University. While my program of study was Marketing I had always had interest in computers. I taught myself HTML during my free time and started making websites. A couple years later I started using Microsoft Front Page to design websites. During this time it was very different process for creating web pages. HTML 3.2 was the recommend standard, later replaced by HTML 4.0 in December 1997. During this time CSS was just being introduced and browser support was minimal.

Upon graduating from Arizona State University in 1999, I began working in the Customer Service sector. In the summer of 2007, I started providing technical support for a web hosting provider. Since my job involved helping customers with their website, it rekindled my desire to do websites again. In early 2011, I left the workforce with plans to return to school full-time that fall. During this time off, I began do beta testing for Mozilla and once again started doing website again. However, I discovered I didn't know much about the newer HTML standards and CSS was totally foreign concept to me.

I am currently pursuing dual Associates of Applied Science degrees in Cisco Networking and Information Technology. Since both of these degree programs require Information Technology related electives, I wanted to take a couple web design classes. However, scheduling conflicts and too low of enrollment caused me not to be able to take a web design class until January 2013.

This site is my final project for my Internet : Web Development Level 1 class as well as the first website I have created from scratch using CSS and HTML5. As an added bonus, this gives me an opportunity to redo and modernize my very dated personal site. It also gives me an opportunity to showcase my photography hobby and promote my involvement and contributions to the Mozilla community as a beta tester.

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