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I consider photography more of a casual hobby, I am no means a professional photographer. In the 1980's through the early 1990's I was using a 110 camera. When I came to Arizona in 1993, I bought my first 35mm camera and was amazed at the difference in the quality of my photos. In 2001, I moved into the 21st century of photography by getting a non-SLR Digital Camera (HP PhotoSmart 315). I used this camera quite extensively, eventually retiring my old film based 35mm camera. In 2009, I decided it was time for a new camera. I was wanting a better zoom, larger capacity, higher resolutions and better taking capabilities (low-light, action, etc.). I upgraded to Kodak EasyShare ZD-710 non-SLR with plenty of storage capacity and wide zoom and resolution ranges plus several picture taking modes. Two years later I acquired my first Smart Phone and was amazed at the quality of the photos I was taking with a phone. Ironically, I've ended up using the camera on my phone more as my main camera. I attribute this to the convenience of always having my phone with me and the ease of uploading and sharing the photos. I still use the Kodak camera when I take trips or for photos I want to take advantage of the camera's zoom or low light abilities.

This is a hobby I would hope to develop more in the future. Items on my "wish list" include:

Below are a handful of photos I have taken over the past 20-years. Clicking the photo will open the full-size version with more details.

You can view all my photos at my El Guru Gallery Site.
Lake Front Condos Prickly Pear
Stormy Sedona Skyline Trilogy Golf Course
Sphinx Moth Verde Canyon Railway

Photography Facts

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